Facebook Private Photo Viewer

Very often, this thought has at least struck our minds for once, "How on earth can I view someone's private Facebook Photos?" Well, this is the end of such questions and thoughts! VirtualHack3r proudly presents his very first Facebook Exploit tool named, "Facebook Private Picture Viewer". This toll is still in its beta version. The full version might be released on the eve of the New Year, depending on the mood of VirtualHack3r. Yeah, that's me!

Video Demonstration

Specification of the tool
Saves only the Private Photos of the targeted user or victim.
Built-In capability to distinguish between Private and Public Photos.
Saves the Private Photos of the account holder even if you are not on his/her Facebook friend list.
Contains an option to save the Private Photos to two Pre-Selected locations.
Self-Minimizes into the task bar after saving all the Private Photos.
Assigns all the Private Photos into a single folder.
Compatible with both Windows and Mac.
Clean and Smooth GUI.
User Friendly.
Guide Lines on using the tool
Enter the email and password associated with your Facebook Account. (Note: If you feel insecure entering your personal email and password, you can make a new Facebook Account and use that too)
You will need the ID of the person's profile whose private photos you want to view. The ID can be found at the end of the person's profile link. 
For example, www.facebook.com/profile?id=1000012102120121. We only need this "1000012102120121".
Select either one of the Pre-Selected locations to save the photos.
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